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  Ron Small interviews commercial directors and creatives in an effort to demystify commercial production. And because it's fun to learn.   
  Episodes 005 - 008  

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  Episode 008 - Peter Atencio (Director of "Key and Peele")  
  1hr 17mins - 2-22-12  

Director Peter Atencio discusses how he got Comedy Central to allow him to direct all 8 episodes of the 1st season of "Key and Peele", the decision on whether or not to include a laugh track in the show, completing 8 episodes on a tight schedule and budget, what it was like directing content for the now defunct website SuperDeluxe, striving to bring a cinematic aesthetic to web and sketch comedy, and how directing a DTV horror feature did little to nothing for his career.

Several Sketches from "Key and Peele" that we discuss:

"Wanna See Something Cool?" sketch:

"Drive Recklessly" sketch:

Trailer for the horror feature, "The Rig" directed by Peter Atencio:

A sketch Peter directed for Team Coco:

"Year One" short Peter directed for Sony Pictures:

"Siamese Twins" sketch directed by Peter:

"Show You My Tips" sketch Peter directed for MTV:

An episode of "Freeloader's Guide":

Play in Browser or Download:

  Episode 007 - Stu Maschwitz (Director / DV Rebel)  
  1hr 34mins - 2-11-12  

Director/DV Rebel Stu Maschwitz discusses his experience working with George Lucas on the "Star Wars" upgrades, how the overuse of FX can be crux to film makers, how his first major directing gig was for a million dollar Cher music video, why traditional advertising is dead, the nature of his blog and how it aids his work, and why Adam Lisagor is the future of advertising.

You can find Stu's excellent blog ProLost, here:

You can purchase Stu's DV Rebel Guide here:

The Cher "A Song For the Lonely" video, which was Stu's first major directing gig:

You can find Stu's commercial reel (which includes all of his spots discussed) here:

Adam Lisagor's work: http://sandwichvideo.com/

Play or Download:

  Episode 006 - Vincent LaForet (Photographer / Director)  
  1hr 8mins 2-9-12  

Photojournalist turned film maker Vincent Laforet discusses his transition from stills to moving images,  his evolving relationship with Canon, what’s so great about the C300 camera, the importance of persistence, working with creatives, and developing an original feature film in the current climate of reboots and remakes.
You can find his work at: http://www.laforetvisuals.com/
You can purchase his book, "Visual Stories", here: http://tinyurl.com/7aer5rz
His first video project, "Reverie", can be found here: http://vimeo.com/7151244
His latest short film, "Mobius" shot on the C300: http://vimeo.com/31525127
The Famous Footwear "Neighborhood" spot we discuss: http://vimeo.com/17355509
The Mountain Dew "White Out" spot Vincent directed and DP'd: http://vimeo.com/15237626
The "Get a Pair" spot we discuss: http://vimeo.com/16668976
Canon's "Behind the Still" campaign: http://vimeo.com/19096657
The VW spec spot Vincent did for Canon: http://vimeo.com/12056425

Play or Download:

  Episode 005 - David Jellison  
  1hr 24mins - 1-24-11  

Commercial director David Jellison discusses transitioning from assistant directing to directing, why brands are afraid to take chances, copyright issues in spec spots, why Nebraska loves "Two and a Half Men", the evolving styles of comedy, and how the music industry is filled with awful people.

You can find his work on his personal website:

The production company that currently reps David:

Below are links to some of his spots that are discussed:

You can find a link to his first spec spot here in the Viral section of www.jellisonfilmgang.com

You can find a link to his "Chicken Up" spot here:

You can find a link to one of his Denny's spots here:

You can find a link to his spec Snickers spot here:

Here is the Sony "Killer Instinct" spot we discuss:

We discuss the Old Spice campaign:

We discuss "The Force" Superbowl spot:

We discuss the unfortunate law suit against videographer Joe Simon:

We briefly discuss the David Fincher Adidas spot, which you can see here, along with the making of:

Playing Browser or Download:


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