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  Ron Small interviews commercial directors and creatives in an effort to demystify commercial production. And because it's fun to learn.   
  Episodes 001 - 004  

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  Episode 004 - Jason Wingrove (Commercial Director, Co-Host "The RC")  
  1hr 51mins - 1-11-12  

Commercial Director and Co-host of the immensly popular film making podcast "The RC", Jason Wingrove discusses the DSLR revolution, the subtleties between directing non-actors versus directing actors, the orgins of the RC, and how to put your creative stamp on director's treatments. 

You can find the podcast he co-hosts, The RC at:

You can find his work at:

Here are links to some of the projects of Jason's that we discuss:
Sea Pools mini-docs:
Mitsubishi Evo:

You can find the excellent short film he directed, "Moving Day", here:

Listen in Browser or Download:

  Episode 003 - Thomas Richter (Commercial Director)  
  1hr 36mins - 1-1-12  

Commercial director and author of the book "The 30-Second Storyteller", Thomas Richter discusses the state of the commercial production industry, the effect of the recession and technology on commercial production,  transitioning from one genre to another, commercial production budgets, and how to work well with clients. 

You can find his work at and purchase his book at:

You can also find him at:

At one point during the show, Thomas mentions this website as a useful source for those looking for scripts to shoot for their spec spots:

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  Episode 002 - Adam Lisagor Pt 2  
  56 mins - 12-23-11  

In the continuation of our Adam Lisagor interview, Adam discusses how he developed the concepts for several of his spots, production budgets, casting, and his thoughts on the 1991 film, "Mannequin: On the Move". 
Check out Adam's website to see the videos discussed: www.sandwichvideo.com

Download or play in your browser:

  Episode 001 - Adam Lisagor Pt 1  
  1hr 9mins - 12-23-11  

In our pilot episode, director/producer Adam Lisagor discusses his history with commercial production, how he co-created an iphone app that led to him becoming one of the most sought after directors of start-up product-intro spots, his job as a visual effects PA on the Joseph Kahn directed classic "Torque", and what it means to go "full retard".
You can check out Adam's work here: www.sandwichvideo.com

Download or play in your browser:


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