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  Ron Small interviews commercial directors and creatives in an effort to demystify commercial production. And because it's fun to learn.   
  Episodes 009 - 012  
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  Episode 012 - Joseph Kahn (Director of Detention, Torque & many music videos/commercials)  
  1 Hr 8mins - 4-21-12  

Joseph Kahn discusses why his lack of success in dating precipitated his move to LA, his directorial debut, "Torque", how directing the film bankrupted him, what lead to his start in commercial directing, saving up and spending all of his money on his latest feature film, "Detention", and shaping youth culture through music videos.

Joseph's personal website:

An excellent music video montage detailing some of the highlights of his music video work:

"Detention" Trailer:

Ladytron "Ghosts" Director's Cut:

Blink 182 video mentioned:

Saab "Transformer" spot discussed:

Adidas Commercial discussed:

Sisqo's Thong Song video discussed:

Two Bruce Willis spots we discuss:

Play or Download:

  Episode 011 - Shane Hurlbut(Feature Film / Commercial Cinematographer)  
  1 Hr 5mins - 4-6-12  

Shane discusses shooting "Act of Valor" a feature action film starring active duty Navy Seals on the 5dMk2, how driving a grip truck on the B-horror sequel "Phantasm 2" led to his pursuit of cinematography, the differences between shooting on commercials as opposed to features, and managing over 125 cinematographers for an ad.

Shane's blog:

Shane's feature film work:

Smashing Pumpkins "Cherub Rock" video shot on 8mm:

Blog on the making of the "Prudential" ad, as well as the ad:

"Pirelli" ad we discuss, shot on the 5dMk2:

Short film Shane shot for Canon on the 5dMk2:

Navy Swimmer ad shot by Shane:

One of the "Terminator: Salvation" webisodes shot and directed by Shane on the 5dMk2:

Play or Download:

  Episode 010 - Lucia Aniello (director of  the "Dollar Shave Club" introduction video)  
  35mins - 4-3-12  

Lucia Aniello discusses how she became the director on the instantly viral "Dollar Shave Club" intro video, her approach to comedy, how editing her work has taught her more than ever about comedic timing, and the benefits of producing online comedy videos as opposed to performing live.

The "Dollar Shave Club Intro Video":

The "Dildo Sport Video" discussed:

The MTV V-Jay video discussed:

The Primetime Emmy videos:

Download or Play in browser:

  Episode 009 - Paul Schneider (Commercial Director)  
  1hr 52mins - 3-10-12  

Paul Schneider discusses his transition from design to directing, how to go about picking the right production company to sign with, directing the iconic "Rescue Me" title sequence, guiding your reel to get the jobs you want, scheduling personal projects in between professional ones, how payment for commercial directors tends to work, why it might not be a great idea to put a bunch of directors in one room, and just about everything else.

Paul's short Crossfit inspired film "Breathe":

Paul Schneider's work at "Hello and Company":

Download or play in browser:


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